About us

Inspired by our mission of providing customers with personalized freight shipping solutions that enable them to dominate their unique business needs.

Our Story

Advanced Cargo began in 1990 when CEO & Founder, Joe Burke, saw an opportunity to provide personalized and trustworthy freight shipping solutions to shippers and carriers across the industry. Talking to a real person, going the extra mile and being a trusted, reputable business are the cornerstones of the Advanced Cargo philosophy. Completing the team with their own respective talents and strengths are long time employees Stacy Miller, Chad Rogstad and Ben Stover.


We are excited to build upon that past success with the recent addition of Hunter Burke, Chief Transformation Officer. Hunter was exposed to freight brokerage all his life (his father is founder Joe Burke) and has become a dynamic leader in the freight tech space where he has pioneered new ways of transacting through digital technologies and platforms.


This unique combination of old school service and grit paired with new school technology and consumer obsession gives Advanced Cargo a competitive advantage over its peers. It’s our mission to extend this competitive force to our customers so you can dominate whatever business or industry you’re in.

Advanced Cargo’s Core Principles & Values

Be good and do right

It’s that simple and non-negotiable. Always choose good over evil and do the right thing. Or another way of putting it, treat others as you want to be treated.

Obsess over the customer

Use every interaction as an opportunity to delight them and put a smile on their face. Listen to them, empathize with them, and anticipate for them to help create more value than they ever thought possible.

Own it

Owners take better care of things, so all employees are empowered to act like entrepreneurs and leaders in their roles. That means taking full responsibility for what is happening or has happened regardless of the situation.

As simple as possible but no simpler

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. We value simple things because they do all the things we need easily, and none of the things we don’t. That said, be careful not to oversimplify (e.g., getting rid of the head of a hammer would make the hammer simpler, but also too simple.

1% better everyday

Small choices don’t appear to make much of a difference at the time but add up big over the long haul. In fact, if you get one percent better each day for one year, you’ll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you’re done. To win we must continuously improve like this, while also taking the right moonshots.

Work with passion and pride

As Abraham Maslow put it “what one can be, one must be”. A big part of achieving that is enjoying what you do and showing it in the quality of your work. Success starts with passion.

Earn and enable trust

It’s the foundation of every relationship so it’s kind of a big deal. Strive daily to earn and enable trust with our customers, partners, and employees. Two great ways to achieve this are by showing humility and embracing vulnerability.

Ideas are easy by execution is everything

To be clear, ideas are extremely necessary. They just don’t mean anything unless they can be executed effectively - which require the right level of focus and resources. As a result, we often have to say no to good, so we can say yes to great.

Challenge, commit, experiment, & repeat

Everyone needs to bring their ideas and beliefs to the table. After doing so if you don’t agree with the decision made then disagree and commit. It’s an excellent opportunity to experiment and help validate your belief or self-discover a new belief. Embrace fail fast, learn fast.

Creatively destroy and transform

Status quo is enemy number one. We must destroy and transform our technology and prcoesses before others do it for us. Different is always better, but better is always different.

Leadership Team

Joe Burke

CEO & Founder

Hunter Burke

Chief Transformation Officer

Ben Stover

Sr. Systems & Carrier Ops Manager

Chad Rogstad

Sr. Logistics & Carrier Ops Manager

Stacy Miller

Administrative Manager

Additional Team &
Independent Freight Agents

We also have a team of associates who, while not physically located at one of our offices, are out there working to make Advanced Cargo and its customers better each day. These include our independent Freight Agents who we partner with to better serve mutual customers, along with our very own “Cargo Margo” (Meg Burke) who supports many of our Human Resource and Project Management related activities.

If you are interested in a career at Advanced Cargo, including becoming your own independent Freight Agent, please make sure to contact us today. We’d love to talk!